Sacha has taught lessons in piano and voice to students of all ages, across all types of repertoire, for the past decade. She strongly believes that a healthy, classical foundation in vocal studies can translate to any genre, from opera to heavy metal (yes, she did coach the front man of a metal band once). The same can be said for her approach to piano studies, where she focuses on technique, musical literacy, and analysis to equip her students with the skills to perform any repertoire in which they show interest.

In the theory classroom, Dr. Peiser’s enthusiasm and passion for musical analysis shines through. Her aim is to make a subject that is often perceived as unapproachable as relatable, compelling, and relevant to students’ musical lives as possible. Pulling repertoire examples from all types of music and presenting a diverse array of composers is crucial to student interest and involvement. Performance and analysis is a major research interest of Sacha’s, and giving students the opportunity to analyze pieces on which they are currently working can show them how relevant analysis is to their lives as a performer. Sacha has taught core curriculum theory classes and graduate classes during her time at both Louisiana State University and University of Connecticut, and she currently teaches at Southwestern College in Chula Vista, CA.