Serving as Artistic Program Coordinator for Music Academy of the West in 2018 and the Music Office Director for the Bowdoin International Music Festival in Brusnwick, Maine from 2011-2017 has contributed to Sacha’s penchant for chamber music and collaboration, and has given her the opportunity to work with emerging composers. Prior to her tenure at these incredible music festivals, she enjoyed being backstage in another capacity, working as a stage manager with New Orleans Opera Association and Natchez Opera Festival. Her passion for diversity on the stage and in the classroom is bolstered by her work with the Women Composers Festival of Hartford. Peiser served as both an advisory board member and President and CEO, and has performed, spoken on panels, and presented research at the Festival. She continues to expand her breadth as an arts administrator, and is now the Director of Public Relations for San Diego New Music and Education and Outreach Program Coordinator for SACRA/PROFANA, a professional choir based in San Diego.